Soltec by Kalinafloor is our most complete range. It distinguishes itself from the other collections by the fact that the decor is synchronised with its structure and with the cork underlay. This synchronisation of the decor offers a feeling and appearance similar to real wood! The integrated cork underlay is of the highest quality. Cork is a natural, ecological, sustainable and recyclable raw material from the cork oak, to which Soltec owes its many exceptional properties. A true gift from nature!

It is suitable for professional and residential use, with a lifetime guarantee for residential use. You will find a wide choice of authentic matt designs combined with a high-quality scratch-resistant treatment. It is suitable for underfloor heating and cooling and offers excellent acoustic insulation. This product has a very high density, which gives it great dimensional stability and resistance to indentation. Soltec is also very easy to install and maintain. All these features guarantee a very long life and contribute to your comfort and well-being, which are very important to us.

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